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Tips for getting off Academic Probation

The numbers are frightening. Researchers have found what many parents fear -- and often don't hear until too late: About one in three college freshmen are on academic probation after their first semester. The reasons range from overwhelming workloads to staying up for too many all-nighters in the days before finals. Academic Probation is serious situation, often affecting students' abilities to register for classes and impacting financial aid. Kathleen Gillespie, PhD. of The Student Connection details the story and explains the steps to take to get off Academic Probation. Readers will note a method for "identifying one's successes" in order to repeat what works and make success into routine.   Tips for getting off Academic Probation Evidence

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TSC Prepares Students for Tests at Every Age

Michigan public school students are taking standardized tests earlier  and earlier. As early as 3rd grade, students are tested — and tracked — using standardized tests that become part of their permanent record. Often teachers in any school – small or large, private or public – may not have the time to give individualized test prep to students. They also may not have the latest information on the various tests now mandated. The team at The Student Connection can zero in on where a student needs guidance. Tutors work directly on what each student needs with the student. For example, in the following case, a young student prepared for what was going to be on the IOWA Test. Kate from Royal Oak worked with

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Making the Most of Finals Week

So here we are ... again. It's finals week. Your spiral notebook is full, the required reading is highlighted, flashcards are completed with formulas to memorize, the margins of novels are annotated, and your brain is weary, spent, and worn. What are the best ways to get through to the end of the week -- despite the anxiety? The exhaustion? The fatigue? What follows is a quick list of things proven to work. Pull All Exams and Quizzes. Mr. Michael Godvin, Math Tutor, says: "Focus on just looking over the problems and understanding how to solve them." Mr. G says, "Do not go overboard by doing every single problem. If you focus on details at

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Tips: Getting Ready for the SAT

Michigan schools are gearing up for the SAT. Kathleen Gillespie, PhD, spells out what students need to know to get ready. While there are many ways to prepare for the SAT college board, taking an active role, identifying best test-taking practices, and developing the necessary skills are fundamental for getting the best test scores possible. Evidence Based Approaches Although research does not document significant benefits of any one exam prep routine over another, what does contribute to positive outcomes is the consistency with which an exam prep routine is implemented and the extent to which it is personalized and adapted for individual learners, such tools can be found online at usatestprep. 1. Every student is

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Effective March 2016, Michigan’s high school exam is changing from the ACT to the SAT. As if that weren’t enough, the SAT is also changing its format to more closely resemble that of their competition – the ACT. While this is a smart move for the SAT, it doesn’t offer any immediate clarity on the differences between the two tests to high school sophomores. Second, while it’s true that the high school exam for the State of Michigan is changing from the ACT to the SAT, it is not true that Michigan’s colleges and universities will only accept SAT scores (starting with sophomores in 2015). Admissions counselors from colleges and universities across the state have

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How to Make a Study Schedule

Here's what you need to create a study schedule. Grab at least three sheets of paper and a pen or pencil, whether lined or plain white is up to you. Bring your class schedules, sylibuses or sylibi, notes with deadlines, and your wits and imagination. Oh. And get ready to be happy. When completed, you will be organized and relieved, meaning your mind will be freed to concentrate on studies -- and having fun over the holidays. -- Kathleen Gillespie, PhD TO-DO LIST Step One: You have got to make a checklist of things that have to be done. All things. List on the 1st sheet of paper from top to bottom, every academic cut-off date (every deadline)

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