Why is The Student Connection considered one of the BEST TUTORING CENTERS in Michigan?

We create capable learners by finding each of our students’ strengths and weaknesses. We then develop a plan that best suits each individual, whether it requires learning one-on-one, group class, or our Home School setting. We have an After School Program which allows students to work in a supportive environment where they complete their homework assignments, prepare for tests, and write papers, with academic help as needed. We provide tutoring, academic testing preparation and advocacy for parents and students. We also provide educational evaluations, and psychological and neuropsychological evaluations.

How can I find out more?
Call us at 248-326-6034 and speak with Brigid Godvin, or stop by our facility off Woodward Avenue in Bloomfield Hills. You can also email us at info@TheStudentConnect.com.

PLEASE READ: Am I charged for skipping an appointment?
Yes. Notice must be given 24 hours in advance if a student is unable to make an appointment. Click here to read Cancellation Policy.

Does our medical insurance cover this?
Medical insurance generally does not cover academic programs. Many insurances will cover all or part of a psychological or neuropsychological evaluation, and necessary supportive psychological services.

How much does this cost?
Fees Vary depending on the services.
– Individual Tutoring Fees: Range from $40-$70/hour depending on the services needed.
– Test Prep Services:

  • ACT Boot Camps $400
  • SAT Boot Camps $400

– Speed Reading Services Fees: Range from $40 – $70 an hour.
– Skill Development Services Fee: Range from $40 – $70 an hour

What are your hours?
TSC is open seven days a week, so that students can schedule their programs around their other activities. Students who attend the after-school program are welcome on the weekends, also.

What are the ages of students you serve?
Our programs are designed for pre-schoolers through adulthood.