How can we help your High School Student Succeed?

The Student Connection doesn’t follow one specific program for tutoring. Each student is different and therefore each approach and style is different and personalized to the student. Students and tutors are placed together based on subject but also personality and learning style. Parents and teachers are involved in the process at The Student Connection, too.

Concerned About the 2024-2025 School Year?
We have EDUCATIONAL OPTIONS for every scenario and student.

In Person Tutoring Metro Detroit

Individual In-Person Tutoring

Perfect for students and families that want one-on-one instruction at our Student Center or other agreed upon location.

Distance Learning Tutors in Michigan

Individual Remote Tutoring

Perfect for students and families that want want instruction from the safety of their home.

Multi-Grade Tutoring Groups

Multi-Grade Tutoring Groups

Perfect for families and their close friends. 2-4 students in each group. High School Students must be in a High School group only.

Same Grade, Same Subject Tutoring Groups

Perfect for families and their close friends. 2-4 students in kindergarten thru 12th grade.

Ready to get started or need more information? We are happy to answer any questions. Please contact us at 248.326.6034.

Additional Resources:

Even if you’re an All-A Student…
Stop in and learn what you need to know to do your BEST on the ACT and SAT College Entrance Exams! We are up to date on all the changes for tests.

Our ACT/SAT Prep Courses range from $40 – $70 an hour or REGISTER NOW for one of our group Boot Camps!

The college search process can be simultaneously exciting and daunting for students and their families. Preparing now with the right high school curriculum and activities will ensure you are prepared when you start applying for colleges. Our one-on-one program will help your student plan for the future by helping him or her identify colleges they might be interested in, the courses and activities colleges like to see on the application as well as actual support during the application process.

This Program is open to Freshman – Senior students.

Our Planning for College services range from $40 – $150 an hour.

NEW Foundations is designed for 8th and 9th grade students.

The program breaks down reading and math basics they will need for the next 4 years. Students then are given ACT AND SAT type questions. They will learn the difference between the tests and become prepared for both.

This program is designed for individual students. Program is 4 weeks long and meets 2 times a week. Sessions are 90 minutes.

For many students and parents, exam time is the most stressful part of the school year. With so much riding on the outcome, there can be a high degree of pressure to perform well.

We offer specialized exam preparation for the ACT/SAT, ASVAB, GMAT/GRE, Advanced Placement (AP) and high school entrance exams. We give students the tools to study more efficiently and retain the information they have learned.

Our Exam Preparation services range from $40 – $70 an hour.

Take your speed-reading skills to the next level.
Our course will help you boost your reading speed while also improving your memory. In addition to learning speed-reading techniques, you’ll also learn memory strategies that will help you remember vocabulary, equations, names, presentations, and much more.

Our Speed Reading services range from $40 – $70 an hour.

Let us help your student balance academics and extracurricular commitments. “Study is nothing else but a possession of the mind”-Thomas Hobbes, English philosopher 1588 – 1679.

Specialized Reading Development
Certified tutors offer Orton-Gillingham based instruction. This is a multisensory, scientifically based approach to reading. Studies have identified this as one of the most effective strategies for students struggling with dyslexia, dysgraphia, and ADHD, although all types of learners have experienced tremendous success. All tenets of reading are introduced and explored until mastery is achieved.

Phonemic Awareness
Phonetic Skills
Vocabulary Development
Reading Fluency
Reading Comprehension
Specialized Mathematics Development
Our highly qualified math tutors actually enjoy math; but careful-their enthusiasm may be contagious! Our tutors break difficult concepts into manageable components and work with students to develop individualized success strategies.

Test Taking Strategies and Managing Text Anxiety
Does your student struggle with text anxiety? It is natural to experience some level of anxiety during tests, however when students are not achieving results at their expected potential, it becomes problematic. We work with students to find the right approach in preparing for tests exploring a multitude of strategies.

Research and Writing Papers
“It was a dark and stormy night…Good writing takes enormous concentration.”
Snoopy, Peanuts Charles Schulz, 1922 – 2000 American cartoonist

Writing has a wide range of style; just as each student is unique, as writers we are all unique as well. Our tutors can help you find your “voice”, as well as develop a successful writing piece by organizing content effectively and working through the steps of the writing process.

Our Skill Development services range from $40 – $70 an hour.

The Student Connection offers Professional evaluation on specific fields:

  • Educational Potential
  • Academic Achievement
  • Neuropsychological Functioning:
    Learning Disorders and ADHD
    Auditory and Visual Processing Disorders
    Nonverbal Learning Disorder
  • Psychological Functioning

Our Professional Evaluation services range in cost depending on the level of testing needed.

We offer on-site programs, such as home schooling, after school homework programs, and academic credit recovery.

To schedule an appointment or for more information on costs associated with our On Site Programs, please contact us.

Today’s academic world can be very competitive and anxiety producing.

Stacey Schreiber, M.S.W. offers insight and concrete tools that empower children of all ages to overcome anxiety and related issues that can inhibit their ability to perform in school and in life outside of school.

Students will develop strategies to reduce stress and improve performance in and out of school and both before a test and a game.

Workshops and other programs coming in the future months include yoga, stretching, breathing and mindfulness.