We work with Students AND Educators

This past year, Michigan educators and students have seen important and numerous changes made to the state’s standardized tests. Even more changes are on the horizon for the coming school year. In addition to their potential strain on resources, new testing requirements may add emotional stress to teachers and students alike. The reason: the import and impact of these test scores continues to grow.

The team at The Student Connection can help prepare your students for these tests. Our professionals have years of experience working with students to successfully raise standardized test scores, such as the ACT and SAT college entrance exams. We believe the successful approach is to help each student develop a unique skill set for taking these tests. We help them develop that individual strategy and then practice it before taking the formal exam.

Our test prep instructors come from an educationally diverse background. We work with educators and students to find the right match for the students. Our professional team knows and understand the various tests, have administered the exams dozens of times, and are up-to-date on what changes are, and what they mean for Michigan public schools and students. Our team also includes young college graduates, some of whom naturally excelled on the test and others who have experienced improved results through practice. All are passionate about helping students succeed.

We have a number of ACT and SAT test prep programs both at our centers and at schools. Our staff has conducted instruction for classes on campuses at a variety of schools including Eisenhower, DeLaSalle and Christa Rey.

We also have our in-house programs that include:

  • ACT Boot Camps: Weekend and week-long camps
  • One-on-One ACT/SAT Instruction
  • Weekend Drop-In ACT/SAT Workshops

Our team also can help your team prepare special needs students. For example, a student with a learning disability such as dyslexia may need more time or a “reader” who can help them process written information aurally. We can help you obtain the proper accommodations at the test.

Please contact us so we can investigate the many options we have to serve you and your students. We are at your service: 248-326-6034