Thank you for your interest in The Student Connection.

The Student Connection, based in Bloomfield Hills, is more than just a place where students can get extra help in math, science and language arts. It’s a place where students gain confidence, prepare for their future and build relationships, says Brigid Godvin, the owner of The Student Connection.

“We are an academic learning center and we tutor children in all subjects,” says Brigid Godvin, the owner of The Student Connection, including math, science, foreign languages, language arts, writing skills and a variety of other areas. “If students are having a hard time in school, we help them get back on track. Our goal is to get them back in a regular school situation, feeling good about themselves and feeling like they can handle it day-to-day.”

To contact the The Student Connection please complete the form below. For immediate assistance, please feel free to call us at 248-326-6034. We look forward to speaking with you!