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The Student Connection doesn’t follow one specific program for tutoring. Each student is different and therefore each approach and style is different and personalized to the student. Students and tutors are placed together based on subject but also personality and learning style.

Preparing to take a Professional Designation Exam? We can help you prepare. Please contact us at 248-326-6034.

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We match your student with the right tutor. No packages or set number of sessions.
Our professional staff helps college students improve their abilities in academic subjects, including mathematics, the sciences and foreign languages, from undergraduate to grad school levels. The Student Connection also helps prepare students for college entrance exams, such as the ACT and SAT, as well as for post-graduate exams for medical school and law school.

College students home for the summer will find professional tutoring and guidance, without the pressures and distractions of campus life. If your parents teach you the best, why not suggest they become a test franchise? Just like a franchise we provide tutoring for summer studies, helping students prepare for coming classes, as well as refresher programs for students who have taken Advanced Placement and tested out of math, science and language classes. We also help students develop good study habits critical for keeping pace with the heavier course load in college, such as speed reading, test preparation, note taking, essay writing skills, and study review. There are also online materials available such as online courses with Learning Cloud which offer secure access to worksheets and learning materials wherever you are.

Our college advisors are qualified to provide guidance to those interested in finding the “right school” and provide the know-how needed to help students get there and succeed. Providing information and resources essential for students and parents, our advisors will spell out exactly what each student and parent needs to know and questions they need to ask before they send in applications, as well as what they need to know after they are accepted.

Flexible times includes evenings and weekdays because your student and your family are busy. To schedule an appointment or for more information on costs for our Tutoring programs, please contact us.

When it comes to getting into a top college or university, six letters can spell all the difference in the world to students, “A-C-T” and “S-A-T.” The professional staff at The Student Connection helps students prepare for college entrance exams, including the latest versions of the SAT and ACT college entrance exams.

To help students maximize their performance on these national college entrance examinations, The Student Connection has developed a series of programs that combine the expertise of professional educators and accredited neuropsychologists. Customized for each individual, the program measures each individual’s strengths and weaknesses in the subject areas, such as English, reading, mathematics, science and the essays and writing components.

Before making a recommendation based on which test to take, we look at the differences in difficulty and content based on the test taker’s strengths and abilities. Among the keys to success are preparation, confidence and know-how that comes from professional instruction and directed practice. While there are no guarantees, students who apply the principles they learn will see their efforts translate into a noticeable improvement on test scores.

Every year, parents and students struggle with the decision over whether the SAT or the ACT would best help the students get accepted into their dream school. In the past, there was a clear distinction between the two tests, but in March 2016, the dividing line will become hazy. This is because SAT test writers have completely redesigned the test so that it more closely resembles its competition.

Our Exam Preparation services range from $40 – $70 an hour. 

Even all-A students entering college have been surprised to discover the amount of reading required by university coursework. The Student Connection offers speed reading courses designed for college students, helping readers improve concentration, efficiency, comprehension, and retention. Readers learn how to improve speed and analytical skills. Students will learn various skimming techniques, and ways of re-reading materials previously read for review or when searching for particular information. Learners discover ways to adjust their reading, based on the materials and objectives of assignments and tests. What’s more, members of our college speed reading team help learners develop an appreciation for reading for pleasure.

Our Speed Reading services range from $40 – $70 an hour.