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Confidence, Tracking & Boosting Test Scores

Kathleen Gillespie of The Student Connection reports students who take the time to double-check answers and change their response on college entrance exams may be doing what's needed to boost their scores. Her report and tips for those taking the ACT and SAT exams: New research on student effectiveness from the field of meta cognition studies ways to develop "Conscious Confidence."1 Studies completed in the last 12 months offer fresh insight to guide students who ask, “Should I change my answer once I marked it on the exam?”2 The new research demonstrates quantitatively that students who apply this specific meta cognition technique boost their test scores.  While the boost is not the difference between a test

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Tips to Transition to College

Tips to Transition to College By Brigid Godvin, Academic Director, The Student Connection As parents pack up the car with everything from new sheets to sharp pencils, we want to make sure students take along a few important points to help them make a successful transition to college. We also have a few tips to help parents handle the new academic environment: For STUDENTS 1. Get organized, be organized and stay organized. The skill will save you time and aggravation and help you throughout your college career and beyond. Develop a calendar with all due dates and tests for the coming semester. There are new tools that can help, like Evernote or Zotero. Once you

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ACT Boot Camp

Even if you're an All-A Student, fall in for ACT Boot Camp and learn what you need to know to do your BEST on the ACT College Entrance Exam. “ACT Boot Camp: Tutoring, Training, Tactics and Strategy” is a structured, intensive workshop in which students develop the skills and practices needed to perform their best on the ACT college entrance examination. The Student Connection professional staff will guide students on how to study subject areas, as well as provide what’s needed to prepare and take the test. The ACT Boot Camp is in addition to the popular ACT Drop-In Workshops The Student Connection will continue to offer this year. The comprehensive “ACT Boot Camp: Tutoring, Training,

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Six Terrific Pieces of Advice for Writing a College Essay

College admissions guru Marjorie Hansen Shaevitz details six important points to remember when writing a college essay: Write as if you are talking to the reader. Offer readers a story. Use the first person. Show, don’t tell. Be specific, descriptive and offer plenty of details. Avoid generalities, clichés and philosophical or psychological babble. Make sure that your essay is free of spelling, grammatical mistakes and improper use of words. To which, we would add number 7: Start thinking about what you want to say now, rather than the night or even week before sending in the application. Jot down your central idea of your essay and supporting ideas. Look at them on paper, finding new

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Brain May be Able to Repair Itself from Within June 3, 2014 Bioscience Technology Duke researchers have found a new type of neuron in the adult brain that is capable of telling stem cells to make more new neurons. Though the experiments are in their early stages, the finding opens the tantalizing possibility that the brain may be able to repair itself from within. This would mean that those who suffer from brain injuries may soon be able to seek medical treatment, with some help from Noll Law Office Springfield Il (or a similar firm) to recuperate the costs from the individual who caused the injury.

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Reading for Fun Drops Dramatically Among Teens – New Report

For those who understand the importance of reading, a new study should sound alarm bells coast-to-coast. Teenagers are reading fewer books, magazines and newspapers these days. Compiling seven studies and surveys conducted by private and public groups on adolescent reading habits, Common Sense Media of San Francisco reports teenagers today are significantly less likely to enjoy reading for pleasure than those of previous generations. Reporter Sharon Noguchi of The San Jose Mercury News covered the story and links to the report.

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