The Student Connection

Grade School 504 & IEP Advocacy

The Student Connection are qualified and ready to assist learners and their families as advocates and counselors. As counselors and academic advisors, we can help parents and psychoeducational professionals determine the optimum educational course of action for each child.

We can help determine whether a young learner needs an IEP – an Individual Educational Plan – or a 504 Plan. An IEP plan is a blueprint to create a special education program. A 504 plan is a blueprint for how a child will gain access to needed learning resources at school. Major differences exist between the designations, affecting access to special education programs for children with learning disabilities, such as challenges to learning, such as dyslexia.

We also stand ready to serve learners and families before public school bodies and officials in the role of Advocate at IEP meetings and 504 planning sessions. We will accompany learners and parents in meetings with school personnel and provide guidance and support. At all times, we place the interests of learners and their families first and foremost.

Our 504 & IEP Advocacy services range from $70 – $150 an hour depending on outside resources that may be needed. To schedule an appointment or for more information, please call one of the locations below:

Bloomfield Hills Center: 248-594-3410
Macomb Center: 586-741-8706

The Student Connection has TWO Learning Centers in Metro Detroit to serve learners

At both facilities, we ensure an atmosphere conducive for learning that is unique to The Student Connection.

Moreover, at both the Bloomfield Hills and Macomb center, we continue our practice that holds each and every learner is unique.

Contact Us at either location to learn more.


The Student Connection
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The Student Connection
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Call: 586-741-8706