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“Every learner is unique. We know how to find what each student needs to learn and how to build their skills. Start the school year out right and  connect with success.”

– The Student Connection

The Student Connection’s Team of educational experts helps students and individuals prepare for various exams, gain confidence and connect with success – All subjects including ACT/SAT prep, reading comprehension, advanced placement courses, remedial courses, foreign languages,  -from phonics to physics , pre-school to grad school and beyond- we have a tutor to meet your needs!


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Our team of  professionals can help tutor in any subject



prep & prosper

From high school entry exams to ASVAB, ACT / SAT and AP exams – connect with success!



learn & refine

Our customized programs ensure results are seen – regardless of individual focus



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Whether its Home Schooling or After School Homework Success Programs – our experts come to you


From pre-school to grad school and beyond, The Student Connection creates capable learners by providing comprehensive educational services that are uniquely designed for each individual student.

We often start with students who feel lost, overwhelmed, frustrated and alone. We identify why they feel that way and how we can provide what they need to become capable learners.

We find each student’s strengths and challenges. From that, we create an individual design for learning, so that they can experience the success that has been out of their reach. We help dreams become reality and are  uniquely designed for success.

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