SAT Boot Camp: October 5-7

SAT Boot Camp: October 5-7


BLOOMFIELD HILLS Location: October 5 (4-7pm), October 6 (10am-2pm), October 7 (10am-2pm)


Systematically prep for the SAT!
Apply strategies uniquely designed for the SAT. Our small-group methodology includes proven go-to tactics for individualized instruction.

Learn these topics from our trained SAT experts:

  • Tackle science questions included throughout Math, Reading, and Writing & Language tests.
  • Learn Math story problems, multiple-part questions, and open-ended questions.
  • Skip pre-algebra and get right to intermediate algebra, geometry, and trigonometry.
  • Develop your ability to answer open ended questions with a wide range of possible answers and not one definite answer.
  • Prepare for the Reading test that includes 1 passage from a document written at the founding of the U.S.
  • For the Language test, revise and edit a written passage given to you for logical structure, and effective rhetoric.
  • On the essay prompt, evaluate the author’s reasoning and rhetoric without adding your personal opinion.
  • Identify your goal for the SAT score.
  • Apply the best test taking practices to achieve your goal.
  • Designed for all learning types.

$400 fee includes diagnostic tests and all materials.


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