Even if you’re an All-A Student, fall in for ACT Boot Camp and learn what you need to know to do your BEST on the ACT College Entrance Exam.

“ACT Boot Camp: Tutoring, Training, Tactics and Strategy” is a structured, intensive workshop in which students develop the skills and practices needed to perform their best on the ACT college entrance examination. The Student Connection professional staff will guide students on how to study subject areas, as well as provide what’s needed to prepare and take the test. The ACT Boot Camp is in addition to the popular ACT Drop-In Workshops The Student Connection will continue to offer this year.
The Student Connection ACT classes help students gain confidence and reduce test anxiety. Students are often stronger academically than their test scores indicate. Familiarity and practice on real tests from the College Board and ACT helps students gain confidence. They learn how to pace themselves and how to deal with test anxiety.
The Student Connection’s ACT classes and tutoring can help students improve their scores. Boot Camp recruits receive a comprehensive guide to either the SAT and ACT test. They also learn go to strategies that save time and help to minimize errors. We introduce students to proven test-taking techniques all based on their individual learning style and how they attack problems. This individualized approach is what makes our programs so successful! We are uniquely designed for success! Students learn how to test their best under pressure. All of this can lead to higher scores, which in turn leads to more college opportunities as well as possible scholarships- sometimes 1 point more can lead to thousands in merit scholarship opportunities!