The Student Connection

They Made Me A Better Student

“Hello, my name is Tushar and I current attend (for privacy, we will not name the school). The Student Connection is not just a tutor center, but a family. As soon as you enter, you are greeted with such enthusiasm that you feel you have been there for years. The tutors and staff make you feel right at home. My personal experience with The Student Connection was unbelievable and they made me a better student.

Without a doubt I would recommend The Student Connection. Due to how well they treat you along with the way they teach the material you need to learn.”

Student: Tushar
Tutor: Kirsten Renaud

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The Student Connection
42717 Woodward Avenue
Suite B
Bloomfield Hills, Michigan 48304
Call: 248-326-6034


The Student Connection
42627 Garfield Rd.
Suite 211
Clinton Township, MI 48038
Call: 586-741-8706